Actor,Teacher, Artistic Director, Director but mainly juggler,Bernardo encountered Juggling in the 80s as a Hobby. 

Joining regular juggling meetings of fellow students at Wuppertal University, it did not take long for him to leave the traditional way of performing juggling. Looking to turn juggling into his artistic language, leaving traditional paths of showing off his amazing technique but seeing his performances as living sculptures, where the visual aesthetic is the main objective, being influenced highly by fellow jugglers like “Airjazz” ob Michael Moschen, Bernardo Malabarista began presenting himself to the Portuguese audience in the beginning of the 1990s.

Co-founder of groups like Triatro Passe-Vite (Miguel Castela&Helène Francoise), JET7Lda (Thorsten Gruetjen&Dalila de Carmo) ob The Gentleman Jugglers (Thorsten Gruetjen&Craig Preston), he joint the project Chapito as artist and schoolteacher(Epaoe) in 1992.

During the 1998 World Exhibition in Lisbon he participated in the Ritmos de Passagem Show, by Rizerio Salgado. 

Following projects were: Van de Graft Generator/O Velho Marinheiro by: Hugh Thomas(GB) and Bandeir-arte, artistic flag throwing (Director/choreographer(Sara Castanheira) 

Always trying to keep a wide range of artistik variety Bernardo accepted in 2000 two invitations as actor in cinema. Productions: A Raiz do Coracao by Paulo Rocha and Palavre e Utopia by Manoel de Oliveira. 

During the same year he started creating his first major solo Show: Passa-Tempo (pastime)which he presented to the public in 2001 in Guarda(Portugal)

In 2003 he was invited artist of the Circus/Theater Show Lua, Parque de Nacoes , Lisbon ,by Andre Gago. Scince 2004 works as a performing duo called Rhythm&Blues with Rafael Aranda (Esp) 

As Artistic Director he presented the Show : Voyage, by Arial Motions at the International Theater Festival , Portalegre At the moment , Bernardo Malabarista performs his “ O Milesimo Espectaculo” (The 1000ths Show) which he performed first time in November 2008 in Penela (Portugal) and appears as guest artist in various projects of Companhia Marimbondo. 

Projects for 2009 are : 

Publishing of his book: Hands of new reach 
Show: Triangular (contemporary juggling), and 
Show: Multimedia Juggling (Sponsors/investors welcome…)